6AM in the Morning

by Coast & Ocean

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6am in the morning lyrics

6am in the morning, trouble to leave the apartment, driving to see the ocean. Ah. The trouble was being important, seeing the freedom in options, movement only means I'm not lost yet, I won't let my dreams slip nah, go ahead I won't pretend, I haven't even achieved what I'm meant yet so I keep in check, well ahead adjust my set and get street cred, I plan to be the best, beat the rest, hit hard, benith my chest is a driven insanely lyrical spirt I'm picking it up wait listen just feel me... Recording albums demos all the time. I hand in my cd get no reply, email venues, turn a blind eye the music industry feels like a lie...


Do I deserve this? You're not worth it baby. X2 ohhh yea yea yea yea yea.

I lost traction, gave up, stopped knowing what was happening my work became an endless sleep disaster, put more effort in worrying about the situation I was in then using my pen I promise to never put it down again. But could you blame me? I was pacient, and constantly dedicated I pull all my soul into one and it didn't repay me. Nah, I'm broke as fuck with no home, I choose to bust with no done, I long for past with no foes, no smoke and feeling so alone, I fly to where the mountains touch the sea, and stare at all the stars at night and feel inside what's empty, I melt into the sky I wipe away my tears fear relies on truth, no point in questioning.


Do I deserve this? You're not worth it baby. X2 oh right.

Flowing so open stuck in the motion yea coast & ocean the waves are crashing with me I'm broken now feeling focused, my motion drove me into a bad dream that was hoping, I was swallen whole infecting me potent for just a moment. But then I blinked and saw a new spark, a beautiful omen in golden touching flames in the sun, no longer frozen, becoming hungry made me out spoken provoke opponents I'm boasting beating foes with no notice I'm totally loaded, I'm woken feeling fresh and devoted throwing out lotuses I'm chasing dreams of being a poet, feels like I'm floating. I'm taking back what's mine I've been noting all of my motives watch me touch the clouds in the sky, the path I've chosen.


Do I deserve this? You're not worth it baby.





released February 12, 2016
Alex Johnson - Vocals/Acoustic Guitar
Zepha - Poducer/Engineer
Mastered by Andrew Edgson Studios 301

Art by Zepha




Coast & Ocean NSW, Australia

Coast & Ocean… he’s so effing cool
Coast & Ocean, aka Alex Johnson, aka Lil Chay Jay aka a super sick kid bringing something completely funky and fresh to the Australian music scene.

DANDELION (source: attributed to blogger DANDELION-deekw93.wordpress.com)
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