To The Sun feat Ali Morgan

by Coast & Ocean

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Live recording.
Written By Coast & Ocean
Feat Ali Morgan.
Produced by Anna Chaplin
Mixed & Co Produced by Jamie Pye- Respondek


I've always been a dreamer but never believed cause, in reality it seems I could never achieve much...
Being compounded by my doubt kills the flower sprouts.
In heaven we can float see bright lights for days, without haze, white space, peace and love, feel change.
Being compounded by my doubt kills the flower sprouts.

In the city lights, sky scraping the towers play with clouds until the night time.
In the after life explore the galaxies, inhale, sail souls, straight to the sun.
To the sun.

I can see it in your eyes glazed water in crystals, shine desire brightly in your beauty Ill be home soon, I miss you. "I miss you too".
Quiet is the sound as I hold you close to me warm love on these sheets my chest beats puts you to sleep. I miss you. "I miss you too". Dam I really miss you.
"I miss you too".

And the windscreen wipers through the rain, dissolving late night highways as we drive..
In the after life explore the galaxies, inhale, sail souls straight to the sun.
To the sun.

I will love you till tides and planets stop the milky way, drinking cause I miss you like fresh lakes in Norway. I'm travelling and searching for romance, with high hopes of holding hands, under the sky we sway and dance. The sun is my only route, I feel warm and evolved and changed a new meaning, I'm so thankful, so I thank you. I can't say enough for the tears you bring and happiness and beauty, love is what I sing. For every single drop I seep, I see strength and I'm swimming in it. You gave me currents and channels that washed away all negative energy, I'm torn, I'm still holding on, I still dream of your love, I still wake up in a sweat from dreams of above. I'll be with you soon my darling I'm shouting out! I love you! Even if you're in the clouds and we've kissed and bled it out. And respected each others mothers, brothers and daughters. We're lovers in deeper levels then the solar system, my ears are here for you to listen, to your everyday problems, our love has no limits it extends to further levels then my own consciousness.
I can't believe that we lost it. Going around, so dizzy, I'm still spinning. Flower pedals carpet and sand. I say my vows as you're cremated and bare. I'm swept by the wind into the stream, our love flows together from river to the sea, evaporating out of the water, into the stars and travelling further forward. To The Sun.



released April 16, 2015


all rights reserved



Coast & Ocean NSW, Australia

Coast & Ocean… he’s so effing cool
Coast & Ocean, aka Alex Johnson, aka Lil Chay Jay aka a super sick kid bringing something completely funky and fresh to the Australian music scene.

DANDELION (source: attributed to blogger
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